This page will be added to and amended at times, so please check back often for interesting tidbits and other kitchen trivia.

Chillies can be frozen whole in well sealed bags and used in recipes that require fresh chilli.  Simply use whole or slice as required.

Fresh Breadcrumbs To make fresh breadcrumbs, take day-old or stale bread, remove the crusts, and chop the remaining bread into chunks.  Place in food processor with blade attachment and process until crumbs are small and uniform in size.  Store fresh crumbs in well sealed bags in the freezer until required.  Fresh crumbs are used in Stuffed Artichokes.

Garlic After handling garlic, simply wipe your hands on the metal garlic press or (very carefully) on the blade of a sharp knife as you are washing up and the garlic odour will be removed from your hands.  (Please note, I do not accept responsibility for injuries  that may occur as a result of following this tip!  Please exercise great caution.)

Ginger Store fresh ginger as a whole root in well sealed bags in the freezer.  Remove the skin from the frozen root by scraping with a teaspoon and grate or slice the amount required, placing the remaining root back in the freezer.  Use in curries or marinades or other recipes as required. Use in Thai Style Sausage Rolls.

Parsley can be stored in the freezer for those times when you want to add a finishing touch to a dish or use as an ingredient. Wash the bunch and dry well with paper towels. Remove the stalks and freeze separately in a bag for use in stocks and soups. Finely chop the leaves and place in a well sealed bag and freeze.

Shallots (Green Onions/Scallions) Wash and dry the whole bunch.  Remove the roots and chop the bunch into 1cm pieces.  Store the cut shallots in well sealed bags in the freezer to use as required in suitable recipes.  They are great added to soups as a garnish or use in Thai Style Sausage Rolls.


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  1. Hi Daniella
    What a great blog! Don’t worry you are not the only one who doesn’t know what to do hen they grow up!….Keep up the good work. Hope to see you at the Organic markets soon! Marisol

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