Breakfast…a good start

 Eggs in Tomato Uova con Pomodoro

Eggs in tomato

This is my first post so what more fitting topic to start with than breakfast. And nothing says ‘new beginnings’ quite like an egg. Here I’ll showcase a dish that often makes an appearance at my family’s Italian table, where eggs are ‘poached’ in a quick fresh tomato sauce.

The thing I love most about Italian food is its simplicity. It has such a richness of flavour yet comparatively few ingredients are needed to create it. Just like the language, which is simple to learn, it is easy to create great Italian food. Yet so many people get it wrong. I think the main problem is people overdo the ingredients until a dish is no longer true to itself. Italian food is honest and unpretentious. This dish epitomises that philosophy.

Eggs in Tomato is unctuous and rich especially if the yolks are left runny. The riper the tomatoes the better they will break down to become a homogenous sauce.  The yolk will blend with the sauce and together the pair become more than the sum of their parts. Do it justice by mopping up all the juices with some good crusty bread.

I’ve categorised this meal as breakfast though it’s equally at home for lunch or dinner. It’s also great for one person or 10, being limited only by the size of your pan! Don’t tell anyone but it’s a great way to use up tomatoes that might be a little past their prime. This amount serves 2-4 depending on appetite. Use the quantities below as a guide only and adjust them to your personal taste.

Buon appetito!



1-2 tablespoons olive oil

4 tomatoes, cut into 1cm dice

4 eggs

Salt & Pepper to taste

Finely chopped parsley (optional)

Crusty Bread to serve


Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat.

Add tomatoes and salt to taste. Let them cook down for 5-10 minutes until they become soft and obtain a sauce-like consistency, stirring occasionally. Add a tablespoon of water if they seem to be drying out too quickly.

Cooking the tomatoes

Crack eggs one at a time into a bowl to check for freshness. Slide eggs into the pan and cook to your desired doneness. Cover pan with a lid to set the top of the eggs if required.

Adding the eggs

Serve in a pasta bowl or on top of thick toast. Sprinkle with some chopped parsley if you like and season with salt and pepper.

Eggs in tomato with crusty bread

I’d love to have your feedback on this first post.  Please contact me with your comments.


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